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My Disc

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

This is my DISC assesment. It translates into this:

A perfectionist, Mark is very willing to expend the effort to achieve high quality results. Because he works so carefully, he tends to be sensitive to criticism. Mark tends to gather a great deal of information before making choices. He believes that if everyone would process information in the same way as he does, a better level of quality would be maintained.

Mark prefers to work through problems by analyzing things that worked in the past. He is willing to follow another person’s lead if they display adequate ability and if Mark has confidence in their ability. He is someone who is able to lead, if necessary; but usually prefers to wait and see if another person volunteers first.

Mark takes a flexible approach in his dealings with others and he is willing to pursue different avenues to maintain good relationships. While he is patient and will not usually rush, Mark is not afraid to actively seek new solutions if previous methods do not fit the current situation.

Mark usually avoids being the center of attention. He tends to pick his friends carefully and is usually cautious and not overly “open” to strangers. Mark may sometimes come across as being skeptical of what others tell him they will do, but once a person has proven their reliability, Mark is willing to invest more time and trust in the relationship.

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