Here is a list of my Short Stories:

Virtual (Published 2-18-2010) Word Count 1778
Sci-Fiction – A technician works in his lab to solve a murder case.

The Mores (Rewrite) (Published 2-9-10) Word Count 1619
Rewrite of The Mores. Changed the beginning, streamlined it a bit, and clarified some stuff. Enough of a major change to afford a repost in my opinion.

The Mores (Published 1-24-2010) Word Count 1414
Fantasy Tragedy – Story about a woman who has everything she cares about taken away from here.

Lux’s Death (Published 1 -13-2010) Word Count 1492
Dark Fantasy – Story of an abused child trying to break free of his father.

Banshee’s Mourn (Published 1-5-2010) Word Count 1512
Fantasy – Story of a Fairy trying to find a banshee child in the middle of a human village. In the past changelings were blamed for many physical and mental problems.

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