Me on vacation.

Mark Coveny was born on February 29th in West Virgina. He was born in a leap year and has had only 8 birthdays. (they skipped Feb 29th in 2000) His youth was spent in an Arkansas city just across the bridge from Memphis Tennessee. As a big child he played football in the positions of Center and Nose Guard. His football career ended in elementary due to a dislike of running.

Mark liked played Dungeons and Dragons threw junior high, and high school. He spent many hours playing games on computers and online on BBS’s. In between his junior and senior year of high school he went to basic training in the Army Reserves. After his senior year he went back for his A.I.T. (Advanced Individual Training) for Field Medic. (91A) His A.I.T training prevented him from starting his first semester at Arkansas State University in time.

When he did start college his degree was to be in Business, but that was interrupted with the conception of his daughter. He dropped out of school in 1992 and became the father of Heather Coveny. Fortunately Heather didn’t look enough like her father to be considered ugly. She also retains a full set of hair. . .

After leaving college and getting divorced Mark entered the Casino industry as a dealer in 1993 at Lady Luck Casino in Tunica Mississippi. This was the start of his dealing career. He still works in the customer service industry today. While working in this career he’s done many home improvements, and became pretty handy.

A recent addition to his family is his new dog Tigger. At nine pounds this papillion is a fluffy ball of cuteness.

At the end of 2009 Mark decided to try his hand at writing. Since then he’s been doing research and writing short stories and articles. This is all in preparation of a Sci-Fiction series he hopes to publish the first book in 2012.

Recently he’s started making armor for the SCA. (Society for Creative Anachronisms) This should allow him to whack people with a rattan stick.

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